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Pacers injury update: Danny Granger playing through knee pain

Left knee continues to bother Granger after two preseason appearances.

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Andy Lyons

As discouraging as the Indiana Pacers play was at times against the Chicago Bulls on Friday night, forward Danny Granger's comments following the game added to the dispiriting evening.

Granger scored 10 points in 22 minutes against the Bulls to bring his preseason playing time total to 34 minutes and change. According to Mike Wells, Granger wasn't happy with the status of his left knee as he tries to adjust to playing through the pain.

"(The knee) is testing me," Granger said. "They're telling me the pain can't do anything else to my knee. I'm going to have to play through the pain, but it hurts."

Uh oh.

Seems like a rough way to head into the marathon that is the NBA regular season with bothersome knee pain that has no end in sight. Sounds like Frank Vogel will need to continue managing Granger's minutes as long as the knee continues to improve.

Let's not talk about the alternative of the knee going the other way until we have to. Deal?