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NBA Blogger Previews: Northwest Division

The NBA's Northwest Division has quietly become a beast of a division in the Western Conference.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The NBA Blogger Previews continue this week with a look a the Northwest Division which may lead the league in watchability from top to bottom.

The Oklahoma City Thunder lead the way as defending Western Conference champs with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook directing a talented roster still ascending toward their potential. Yikes!

The Denver Nuggets revamped on the fly, adding Andre Iguodala to an athletic roster which will give George Karl plenty to work with this season. Minnesota has loads of young talent, as well and should make plenty of noise if they can avoid the crucial injuries that derailed a potentially promising finish last season.

Don't sleep on the Utah Jazz, either. In fact, the young talent they have includes all of the right parts to be a problem for any team in the league. That leaves the Portland Trail Blazers trying to rebuild on the fly after a stretch of bad luck. But the team may be in better shape than expected, with LaMarcus Aldridge still holding down the post and dynamic rookie point guard Damian Lillard providing a spark.

So how do you think these teams will finish in the Northwest Division?

Northwest Division:

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