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VIDEO: Gerald Green pogo-dunks on Omri Casspi in Cleveland

Pacers reserve swingman almost can't help himself when it comes to delivering highlight plays during each game.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Another Indiana Pacers game, another eye-poppin' dunk from Gerald Green. Here's a clip of Green's drive through the lane in Cleveland which ended suddenly with a pogo-stick leap over Omri Casspi to finish with a backhanded flush. Too easy. Also and easy choice for as the Dunk of the Night.

That dunk just happened so easily for Green it even took the announcers by surprise. Chris Ryan at thought the move was so impressive that maybe Frank Vogel should just scrap any complicated offensive sets and simply give the ball the Green and have everyone else get outta the way.

The Pacers second unit is going to make this team a blast to watch. With Green, Ian Mahinmi and Lance Stephenson you never know when a crazy play might happen. Some of them should be positive too. I certainly think the revamped bench make the Pacers a more League Pass-worthy team than The Basketball Jones which has them ranked 21st on their League Pass rankings. Andrew Unterberger mentions that the Pacers essentially being the same team they were last year. He probably forgot about the Green acquisition and surely hasn't seen what Green has done in the preseason. Oh well, I guess we'll suffer through watching the Pacers.

As for Green's latest dunk, I prefer Jared Wade's analysis of the dunk: Pretty disrespectful, really.