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Pacers Links: Productive night in Cleveland a week before regular season opener

Next Wednesday the Indiana Pacers open the NBA season in Toronto and it appears they will be ready to go.

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Frank Vogel continues calibrating his playing rotation with an eye toward the regular season and things appear to be clicking into place for the Indiana Pacers.

Last night, Danny Granger made his preseason debut and made a positive difference in his ten minutes of time. D.J. Augustin played his best game so far and was also able to play a stretch with what would be the full second unit. Even Lance Stephenson had a steady all-around performance as the Pacers ran past the Cavs.

Cleveland gave the Pacers fits last year and have some good young talent so the way the Pacers dispatched them last night was impressive. I know it was preseason, but the Cavs played their key guys plenty of minutes and are also trying to work toward clicking for the regular season. Obviously, they still have a ways to go.

Check out the links with more from the game: