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Pacers Preseason Links: Ugly night in Orlando; Fever one win away from championship

While the Pacers made a mess of things in Orlando, the Indiana Fever were holding it down at the Fieldhouse on Friday night.

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Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Hey, how 'bout those Indiana Fever?

The Fever are now one win away from winning their first WNBA championship after crushing the Minnesota Lynx in Game 3 of the championship series. Go get it, ladies!

As for the Pacers...hey, how 'bout the Fever!!!

As Nathan mentioned in the recap, the Pacers' defense was a problem in Orlando. Yes, the Magic made a lot of perimeter shots but the Pacers obviously didn't make them uncomfortable at any point. Plus, Paul George had a head-scratching 13 points on 21 field goal attempts and missed all eight 3-ball attempts.

Fortunately it remains the preseason and the Pacers get right back to work tonight at the Fieldhouse ON TV! According to Mike Wells, PG admitted he wasn't ready to play.

"I didn't really prepare myself for tonight," George said. "That's what it all came down to. I didn't get good rest. I didn't eat right and that all played a factor."

Although, for not being ready to play, PG sure used a lot of possessions. He gets points for honesty, although those don't count on the scoreboard. Growing pains.

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