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Pacers Preseason Links: George Hill now dealing with hip pointer and thumb injury

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The Pacers hope their starting point guard can play on Friday while recovering from minor injuries during training camp.


The Indiana Pacers won't see their full starting lineup on the floor until the final two preseason games when Frank Vogel expects to play Danny Granger. Starting point guard George Hill has yet top play and is expected to give it a go this weekend with games in Orlando on Friday and at home against Memphis on Saturday.

Hill has been slowed down by a left thumb injury and now is tending to a hip pointer suffered in practice earlier in the week, according to Mike Wells. I wouldn't expect the Pacers to let Hill play unless he has no concerns with the hip, although I'm sure he is ready to get on the court so his opinion on the injury may not be too reliable.

Here are a few other links from around the NBA including former Pacer Leandro Barbosa signing a deal to join the Boston Celtics.