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Pacers need to tighten up pregame handshake rituals

NBA taking aim at pregame fun to make sure games start on time.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Apparently lacking big problems to tackle, the NBA is reportedly targeting the pregame handshake rituals many teams go through prior to taking the court for the opening tip after lineups are announced.

The idea is that the league will start a clock following player introductions and then teams have 90 seconds to deliver final instructions and any handshakes before taking the court to start the game. The league blames the handshakes for some games starting five minutes later than scheduled which mucks up television broadcasts and...really, who cares?

So the bean counters are taking a little flavor away from the game, by threatening a delay of game penalty on the offending team. What if both teams take more than 90 seconds? Bygones?

The Indiana Pacers will have to tighten up their handshake rituals to make it under the limit. Check out the video below which captures the Pacers post-into activities before taking the court in the playoffs last year. I have them at about two and a half minutes, including pre-game instructions. For added entertainment, listen for the female fan ripping Big Baby at around 2:50.