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NBA Blogger Previews: Central Division

Take a look around at the NBA Central Division competition.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The blogger previews coordinated by Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog continue with a look at the Central Division. Definitely fun to look around the Central Division these days with the Indiana Pacers vying for the top spot. While around here we may consider the Pacers young, with many key players still developing, the division as a whole is young and looking to make a leap forward.

No doubt many league observers would consider the Central among the weaker divisions with Derek Rose sidelined in Chicago. But with talent maturing in Detroit and Cleveland and solid coaching throughout the division, the supposed easy nights against Central foes may be more difficult than expected this year.

Central Division

Chicago Bulls:

Cleveland Cavaliers: Fear The Sword | Waiting For Next Year

Detroit Pistons: DetroitBadBoys

Indiana Pacers: Indy Cornrows

Milwaukee Bucks: Brew Hoop

So what do you think about the competition in the Central Division this year?