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Pacers Lead 49-47 at Half Against Hawks in Back in Forth Affair

The Pacers and Hawks have been engaged in a see-saw battle in Indiana's third preseason game. Kyle Korver (10 points) led the Hawks with 6 early points as Orlando Johnson (4 points, 2-4 shooting) scored Indiana's first 4. David West wrapped up his night by leading the Pacers with 11 first quarter points as Paul George (11 points) and Roy Hibbert (8 points) led the Pacers as a Paul George buzzer beater gave Indiana a 49-47 halftime lead.

Indiana shot 41.7%, but made up for it by going a perfect 17-17 from the free throw line. The Pacers had 10 first half turnovers, resulting in 14 Atlanta points. The Pacers also had 8 blocks, led by Hibbert with three. D.J. Augustin and Tyler Hansbrough each added five points to the effort.