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This Week In GIFs: Mascot carnage and ESPN ticker comedy

SB Nation's This Week In GIFs continues to be football-centric but it won't be long before Gerald Green delivers more GIF-able dunks.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

The GIF maestro Jon Bois offers up another sweet selection of GIFs this week with the bulk of the action coming from the college and NFL gridiron.

You can vote on your favorite GIF among the options at This Week In GIFs which includes the current leader in the clubhouse, a big-time goof by the Kansas State Wilcats mascot Willie the Wildcat. It appears Willie is working a kids birthday party and not making his rounds at a tailgate. But while showing the kids a few of his mascot moves he taught them the biggest lesson of all. Mascots have horrible peripheral vision while wearing those big heads.


There are plenty more to chose from including an ESPN ticker capture that makes sure the receiver gets his share of the credit for Tim Tebow's 0-1 passing performance.

We had a couple of Pacers GIFs added last week including this beauty staring David West and Jameer Nelson's elbow.

Shouldn't be long until we get a library of Gerald Green dunk GIFs to enjoy.

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