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Pacers Media Day: Some scenes from the Fieldhouse

Media Day for the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse had a decided positive vibe on Monday. Normally this is a positive day for any team, but there is a difference between positive lip service and positive belief.

There are a lot of believers down at the Fieldhouse these days.

Coaches, players and staff all tended to their duties with a bounce in their step, so to speak. There appears to be a sincere anticipation for the start of training camp and the NBA season. The team has a plan for how to succeed this year and it is finally time to put that plan into practice.

So, yeah, the Pacers should be excited to get started. There remains plenty to prove but this team is tied together and ready to work together to make their plan work.

After the break, check out a few tweets I sent out from the Fieldhouse as players went through their promo photo paces.