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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers Vs. Philadelphia 76ers

6-2 5-2
January 9, 2012 - 7:00PM EST
Wells Fargo Center
Radio: WIBC 93.1FM TV: Fox Sports Indiana
Probable starters:
Darren Collison PG Jodie Meeks
Paul George SG Jrue Holiday
Danny Granger SF Andre Iguodala
David West PF Elton Brand
Roy Hibbert C Spencer Hawes

The Indiana Pacers are working through some injury issues as they prepare to take on the Philadelphia 76ers tonight in Philly.

As you'll see in the preview, Danny Granger (food poisoning), George Hill (back) and Roy Hibbert (ankle) are considered game-time decisions and may have to sit this one out. With the way Granger's ankle swelled up after the game on Saturday, I'm surprised that isn't an issue in his status as well.

Hill is suspect thanks to Gerald Henderson flipping Hill on his back. He was hurting after the game with ice strapped to his back, so hopefully he can get it loose and ready to go. Some goes for Hibbert and his ankle. Maybe the Pacers are trying to work a reverse Dwyane Wade and get the Sixers to exhale at hearing three key players might not play. Then, like the Heat did to the Pacers last week, the Pacers can ambush the Sixers before they know it.

That my friends, is my best attempt to turn this negative situation into a positive. Only time will tell, actually game time will tell.

Here is the preview. For a Philadelphia perspective, check out Liberty Ballers.

Leave your thoughts and observations on the game in the comments.