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IC Cold Links: Pacers Depth Comes To Play In Win Over Celtics

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The Indiana Pacers appeared headed toward another dismal performance when they couldn't get anything going, let alone the ball to go in the basket, in the first quarter against the Boston Celtics. Fortunately, the C's weren't much better and once the playing rotations moved to the second unit, the Pacers tapped into their depth and it was ready for the call.

Jeff Foster's return was welcomed and his defense and normal extraordinary effort a wonderful sight. A.J. Price seized his opportunity to play due to Lance Stephenson's ankle injury and was fabulous at assertively running the offense. Combine that with George Hill having his best offensive game of the year and Tyler Hansbrough chipping in 12 points and you have the difference in this one.

Signature plays of the night, of course, included Danny Granger clearing himself for a pretty good two-point shot after some great ball movement, but then making the extra pass to an open Darren Collison behind the arc. DC threw in the three-point dagger and sealed the game for the Pacers.

Also, earlier in the second half, the Pacers got back in transition defense and Paul George mucked up a bounce pass from Rajon Rondo to Brandon Bass. The ball ended up squirting out toward the sideline. Both Bass and Rondo had a half step on PG, but George's length came into play as he dove between the two C's, scooped up the ball and passed it to Tyler Hansbrough before they could tie him up. Great effort play in a grind-out game that relied on those types of plays.

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