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IC Cold Links: Pacers Looking To Warm Up In Boston

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January in Boston usually includes shiver-inducing cold for visitors. But today there's no deep freeze along the Charles River, instead after a little morning snow the temperature is expected to reach the mid-40's.

That's good news for the Indiana Pacers because after their frosty shooting performance in Miami, they desperately need to heat things up on the offensive end tonight when they play the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. In fact, pushing their field goal percentage into the mid-40's would be a big improvement for the Pacers considering they have shot below 40% in five of the six games they've played this season.

The grind is officially on for the Pacers and tonight they'll need to flash some resiliency to bounce back from such a disappointing performance on Wednesday. Fortunately, that's life in the NBA with every game being its own beast. Look no further than the previous opponent. The Miami Heat had to take on the Atlanta Hawks last night in Atlanta. The Hawks have been playing strong and gave the Heat their only loss so far this season earlier in the week. Plus, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James did not play for the Heat.

Naturally, the short-handed Heat handled the Hawks, sneaking out of town with triple-overtime win. How do you think the Hawks feel today? Not good. They too need to bounce back. For the Pacers, bouncing back simply means playing better, with more energy and purpose even when the breaks aren't going their way. Even if they improve in those areas, winning will still be a challenge against the Celtics tonight, but at least the Pacers will have a chance to win.

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