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IC Cold Links: Pacers Have To Move Past Miami Meltdown, Find Something For Boston

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Nope, it wasn't a bad dream just some bad basketball.

The Indiana Pacers ripped apart at the seams in the second quarter last night against the Miami Heat and never recovered. That means they need to get back to work today in Boston to figure out a fresh plan of attack for the Celtics who won their fourth straight game last night, a streak that started with the return of Paul Pierce.

One play in particular sticks out in my mind this morning, not for the end result, I don't recall how it ended other than I'm sure there were no points since it happened in the second quarter. Roy Hibbert was set up in the post on the left block. Tyler Hansbrough was on the right baseline with Darren Collison in the right corner and Paul George outside the arc on the right side. Danny Granger fed the ball into Roy from outside the arc on the left side the lane. Then Granger just stopped in his tracks and no one else moved.

Hibbert eventually needed a to reset forcing Granger to move for Roy to throw the ball back out, but that two or three seconds of dead air with no movement mucked up everything. Hibbert had no passing options to open up a possible post move, easy bucket for a teammate or an open perimeter shot. This made it extremely easy on the Heat defense and told the story of the offensive problems the Pacers had last night.

So now with a little adversity in the mix, we'll see if the Pacers fall back on their familiar ways, hang their head while heading into a funk or if they can turn the page, attack the problem areas, keep grinding and find a way to win again.

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