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PTI Wishes Frank Vogel A Happy Anniversary

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel took over the Pacer on an interim basis one year ago, and needless to say, the team has exceeded expectations ever since.

Vogel remains on the job he took over from Jim O'Brien with a team that has some similar faces but hardly resembles the team JOB was coaching. I'm not interested in bashing JOB because as I've said many times, he was brought in to coach under brutal circumstances with the idea of changing the work habits and essentially holding the fort until, well now, when the roster situation improved in both talent and cap room.

But there is no denying the major boost Vogel's positive approach has had on the Pacers coming in behind the stale voice of JOB which had lost its impact. More importantly though, the Pacers have improved their image and are starting to enjoy more recognition, for good things, nationally.

That point was driven home this evening when I was surprised to see Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon offer a PTI Happy, Happy for Vogel's one-year anniversary as coach of the Pacers. Wilbon even offered some high praise for the team, especially considering he's a Chicago Bulls fan.

If any team is going to crash the Bulls/Heat party in the East, moreso than Philly, I think it will be Indy, Tony.

Hear the whole thing here at around 19:30 on the clip.

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