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Pacers Rising In NBA Power Rankings

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The Indiana Pacers haven't received much respect in the various NBA power rankings over the past few weeks despite solid results. The dismantling at Miami combined with a weak strength of schedule kept folks skeptical.

But it appears the Pacers play this past week caught the attention of a few skeptics as they rose in most of the power rankings after a few impressive wins as that schedule strengthened. Here's how the Pacers stacked up in some of those power rankings:

- NBA Basketball Power Rankings - Marc Stein - ESPN
Pacers move up one slot to #5: "The fact they're now on the reigning MVP's hit list got all the attention -- "I will never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game," D-Rose announced Wednesday night -- but the Pacers are still on another important list: Indy, Philly and Chicago are the only teams yet to lose two in a row this season."

- NBA Power Rankings: Thunder Lead With Heat, Bulls And Clippers Chasing Close -
Pacers rank 9th but Ziller is still not impressed. Of course, he saw them play the Kings so that makes perfect sense.

- Power Rankings: Heat back on top after big win |
John Schuhmann keeps the Pacers ranked 8th.

- Sagarin ratings - USA Today
The Pacers rose up to 10th in the numerical maestro's rankings thanks to the schedule.

- Top O' The World, Ma | - David Aldridge
DA moved the Pacers up from 13th to 6th this week, impressed by their work on the road.

- 2011-2012 Hollinger Power Rankings
Pacers up to 8th in the daily rankings after being in the teens last week.

- Chris Sheridan's weekly Sunday power rankings
Pacers drop a spot to 8th based on perceived problems in Boston.

- NBA Power Rankings: Top spot now Thunderstruck | ProBasketballTalk
One ranking where the Pacers dropped, from 6 to 8, with a reasonable explanation that the great wins came around a pair of bad losses.

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