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IC Cold Links: Pacers Survive Tough Week With Big Road Wins

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Prior to the season, this past week of games starting last Sunday at the Los Angeles Lakers and including two games against Orlando along with Chicago and Boston on the road, appeared to be the most daunting stretch of games on the Indiana Pacers' schedule this season.

With the way the season has played out, that declaration is debatable, but regardless the Pacers stayed ahead of the game by winning three of the five game. Those three W's were equally impressive when you consider winning AT the Lakers, AT Chicago and AT Orlando, with the last two wins coming off of bad losses that left open the option to begin a spriral down in the wrong direction.

Last night in Orlando, the bench came through with some big minutes and Danny Granger played like he's really starting to enjoy this whole winning thing. I froze in stunned silence while watching the second half when Roy Hibbert slipped to the hoop after setting a ball screen for Granger and was then fed a perfect pass by Granger to stay in rhythm and finish at the hoop. I played it back at least ten times. That was some good basketball.

Now the Pacers move on to what might actually be a more challenging week with New Jersey at home on Tuesday and then road games at Minnesota and Dallas before playing Orlando at the Fieldhouse on Super Bowl Eve.

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