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Pacers, Mark Boyle Conquer Nets' Four-Williams Attack

While driving home last night during the first half of the Pacers vs. Nets game I gave a silent tip of the hat to Mark Boyle as he adroitly navigated the play-by-play of the game action while flawlessly distinguishing between Shelden Williams, Shawne Williams and Deron Williams for the Nets. To make things even more interesting early in the second quarter, both Lance Stephenson for the Pacers and DeShawn Stevenson for the Nets were on the court at the same time.

Boyle maintained the high def visuals through his call without stumbling over any of his Sheldens, Shawnes and Derons. Then the Stephenson/Stevenson situation took things to another level, but that's why they pay the man, to make it all sound so easy.

Well, according to some ESPN research, the Nets set a NBA record with four Williamses on their roster and last night all four played after the Nets gave Jordan Williams a few garbage minutes late in the game.

Kind of makes you long for the Davis boys, no?