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Power Rankings Like Indiana Pacers So Far

The latest round of power rankings released after week one of the NBA season have the Indiana Pacers on the rise. With a 4-1 record and no real impressive wins, the Pacers are currently among the top teams in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Pacers have had a busy schedule but not nearly as crazy as some other teams when. The Knicks, for example may be playing better than the Pacers but have struggled with a tough schedule for the opening week. These things even out over time, though and the Pacers will start feeling the pain of the schedule throughout January starting tomorrow night when they visit the Miami Heat.

But the Pacers have been impressive even if the wins weren't particularly noteworthy. They found ways to win like they haven't been able to to in the past and it seems the rankings took into account that difference while we wait to see how they look in Miami and Boston and just as important, back home on Saturday against Charlotte for their third game in four days.

Here are a few rankings: