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IC Cold Links: Pacers Offense Shows Up On Way To South Beach

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Things are about to get real for the Indiana Pacers so the win on Monday over the New Jersey Nets should give them a boost of confidence as they prepare to play the Miami Heat on Wednesday. Finally, the Pacers were able to generate some offense and learn that by sticking to the plan and sticking with each other they can indeed find enough shots to keep everyone happy and more importantly, win.

Only three of 11 Pacers shot under 50% with Danny Granger having the toughest night making just 4 of 14 shots. But he only took 14 shots and struggled more when he took the ball to the hole which I wouldn't discourage at this point. It is easy to take shots at Granger but he is adjusting his game and role to suit this year's team approach. He struggles finishing at the rim because it seems like his primary motive around the rim is to draw contact and free throws. Rarely a pretty sight. But still, I sense a different vibe to Granger's game as he adjust to spreading the wealth.

That's how this team plays its best. Last night five players were in double figures with two more finishing with nine points. David West and Roy Hibbert were also able to rest most of the second half which is an added bonus with Miami and Boston next on the schedule.

At 4-1 the Pacers have won games they should win, which is always nice, while catching a break by being able to log those wins and still work through some issues. With limited practice time, adjustments have to be made on the fly in the heat of battle. But tomorrow night in Miami the Pacers can see how they measure up to the best in the East. Winning will be a tough chore especially after the Heat dumped loss at home to Atlanta on Monday, but the Pacers can show something even in defeat by playing well, competing and giving themselves a chance to win.

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