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IC Cold Links: Super Bowl Festivities Help Ease Not So Super Performance from Pacers in Loss to Celtics

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As Indianapolis heats up (figuratively and literally, check the weather report!) with Super Bowl festivities, it serves as a nice diversion for local Pacers fans who may need that as an excuse to not have to worry too much about last night's loss to the Celtics.

While the Celtics were short Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, and Jermaine O'Neal, it's worth reminding that their win gave them a fourth straight win without Rondo and Allen. While talent may drop without those players, the Celtics' role players have shown tremendous value in this run, one that could keep rolling as their schedule lightens up. The bad news is that the space the top six teams in the East have given themselves may soon be inviting the Celtics back into the fold as the seventh team, giving Indiana yet another team to worry about in their quest to not only return to the playoffs, but land a home court series.

Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic have lost three of their last four, all three in embarrassing fashion, and the one win coming against Indiana. Who has more beef in Sunday's game between the two? Indiana for getting shot out of the building this past Tuesday or Orlando, who despite a strong start, has fallen off to the point where Dwight Howard took it upon himself to tear into his soon-to-be former teammates. The good news for Indiana is the Magic didn't seem to respond in the second half of their loss to New Orleans, but it's hard to not be a little unsure heading into tomorrow night's game in Orlando, where the Pacers look to avoid their first back-to-back loss of the season.

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