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Peyton Manning Has Reggie Miller In His Corner

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Parting with Peyton Manning is not such sweet sorrow for the Indianapolis Colts.

Through an incredible string of circumstances (Manning signs huge deal, Manning neck worse than expected, Andrew Luck goes back to school last year, Colts "earn" first pick in draft...), the legendary quarterback won't be playing with the Colts anymore. The answer to any equation with the variables in play seems to point to that same thing.

Unfortunately, Manning and owner Jim Irsay are having issues letting go and dealing with the situation. Hopefully they'll step away from the mics and find a way to work through the situation and bring it to a proper conclusion or at least as proper as possible.

It is tough, though thinking there won't be a big celebration to send Manning off the Lucas Oil Stadium field and into retirement in a Colts' uniform and of course, no Bentley like Reggie Miller was given at his well-done send off. Speaking of Reggie, this situation pains him too and he let it be known that he's with "Team Peyton" no matter what happens.

Its no secret who's I'm rooting for, I'm on Team Peyton. Get stronger, bigger, faster Superman... I know you heart is with da Colts,

but they wanna trip, may have to take your talents elsewhere... I know what you have done for that city, good luck my good friend...

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