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Local Legend Watch: E'Twaun Moore Seizes Opportunity With Celtics

E'Twaun Moore may be undersized for his skill set as a combo guard and he may not be as athletic as you'd like, but the kid knows how to play basketball and the bigger the stakes the better.

That's likely a byproduct of playing older players while growing up in East Chicago while onlookers wagered on the outcome. There are plenty of good shooter in basketball at all levels, but being willing, even eager, to take big shots without hesitation is a strong trait Moore has displayed, well since those days on the blacktop in East Chicago.

The first time I saw Moore play was when he led East Chicago Central to a 4A state title over Eric Gordon's favored North Central team. Gordon threw his team on his back to mount a second-half comeback, but ECC didn't fold thanks to Moore, who rose up and knock down a couple of key shots late, finished with 28 points and won the title.

Moore had similar nights at Purdue. Again, it's not necessarily about making shots, it about the willingness to take tough shots and live with the consequences.

So last night after the Celtics had finally caught the Magic and tied the game at 76-76, it was no surprise to see how they took the lead. Marquis Daniels fired a cross-court pass to an open Moore who was set up behind the arc on the right wing. As he rose up to shoot without a hint of hesitation, I said out loud to an otherwise empty room, "That's good."

The kid still loves to take big shots regardless of the stage he's on. Hopefully he won't have the same opportunity tonight against the Pacers.

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