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VIDEO: Paul George Leaves You Wanting More

Sometimes it is easy to forget Indiana Pacers guard Paul George is just 21 years old.

His fluid movement is quicker than it appears so he can go from appearing out of position on defense to shutting down an opponent in a few strides. His handle is still a work in progress, so his ability to finish at the rim often doesn't get off the ground.

But when it does...

That's when the eyebrows raise and you imagine a day in the future when opponents can't keep PG from the rim. Last night in Chicago, PG gave us one of those moments when he crossed up his defender on the right wing and then slid toward the hoop before bursting through the traffic for a two-handed dunk.

Can't lie, when PG started this move it looked more like a turnover waiting to happen, but instead he made the UC say, "Oooohhh." No easy task for a visiting player. So here's to a little patience and PG continuing to grown and deliver the "Oooohhhs" more often.

After the jump, check out a couple of clips of the nice cross-over dunk.

Here's a view from the stands of PG rising above the crowd to finish strong.

Here's a shot of the dunk from the television broadcast (via Eight Points, Nine Seconds).