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IC Cold Links: Derrick Rose Not Happy; Roy Hibbert, George Hill Not Extended

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Apparently Chicago Bulls' super guard Derrick Rose didn't enjoy seeing the Indiana Pacers enjoy beating his team. According to K.C. Johnson, Rose is already looking forward to the teams going at it again.

DRose: "I will never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game. I can't wait to play them again." #Bulls

Rose is admirably stoic after every game, never appearing too excited after a win, but the Pacers actually enjoy the process of winning. As an extension of their coach Frank Vogel, they are more engaged in the process from game-planning to executing on the floor, with the players having more input and thus appearing more invested than in past years.

So they take losses hard, as they did in Sacramento and again on Sunday after losing to Orlando, and they appreciate the effort it takes to put away a win, especially in Chicago. Fortunately, threats from Derrick Rose about the next game aren't too frightening since he always plays hard and demands the attention of all five defenders on the court. If he doesn't want to witness the Pacers celebrate a win, because they do celebrate wins, he just has to play better.

Also, as expected, Roy Hibbert did not sign a contract extension prior to Wednesday's deadline for 2008 draft picks. The deadline also passed without an extension for George Hill which is more surprising. According to Mike Wells, the sides were about $1.5 mil/year apart which doesn't seem like a huge difference to work through.

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