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IC Cold Links: Pacers Don't Pass Test Against Magic, Bulls Up Next

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The Indiana Pacers failed to pass their first test in a four-game stretch against Eastern Conference foes after the offense ground to a halt and the Orlando Magic found their flow.

The Pacers actually didn't pass much of anything last night with Roy Hibbert, Danny Granger and David West accounting for the team's eight total assists for the whole game. Things started fine working through the post with Roy Hibbert but the Pacers had no counter after the Magic adjusted which put too much of a burden on the big fella to continually work inside against Dwight Howard and company.

Plus, once the Magic started rolling, all of their shooters emerged from the Boston funk. Ryan Anderson missed all eight of his shots against the Celtics on Monday, but came back to make five of seven three-pointers. It was like the Magic used the first quarter to infect the Pacers with their shooting woes and then they were healed once they passed it along.

Hopefully the Pacers can get rid of the clanks tonight and infect the Chicago Bulls in the process as they try to bounce back against their Central Division rival.

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