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Roy Hibbert Plays Through Mask Until Schedule Allows Him To Fix Nose

Roy Hibbert was forced to play with a mask against the Orlando Magic after breaking his nose in Los Angeles on Sunday. The mask is 0-1 but no piece of plastic deserves blame for the offense that hit roadblock after roadblock trying to ram the ball through the post.

As for Hibbert, the mask and the bulging ridge protruding out of the left side of his nose will remain through the weekend since the Pacers hit the road for three more games before returning home on Sunday night. Hopefully the mask won't be 0-4 by that time, if so the curse o' plastic may be worth exploring.

Hibbert does expect to squeeze in a trip to the doctor on Monday to have his crooked snoz straightened out and reset to make him look just like new.

"Monday I'm going back to the doctor and they'll put me under and I'm going to have to get it reset," Hibbert explained. "I have a two-week span to get it done and if it goes further than two weeks, then I have to wait the whole year and then have surgery to get it fixed."

Can't have that considering Hibbert is also an actor and has to stay pretty while waiting for his next spot on Parks and Recreation. Hibbert caught up with some of the Parks and Rec crew in Hollywood after his big game against the Lakers.

"That was fun, I met with the writers from Parks and Rec, we went and got something to eat, hung out and talked a lot about television and writing and all of that stuff," Hibbert said. He also got a kick out of show writer Chelsea Peretti referring to him as an actor instead of a center or basketball player.

"All of those people are real fun and I was really happy to be able to hang with those guys, so hopefully they'll write me a new part."

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