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Measuring Sanity With Metta World Peace

Both Indiana Pacers' play-by-play man Mark Boyle and Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace proudly march to the beat of a different drummer. Now to clarify, they do not share the same drummer but they do have a history together.

Not only did Boyle call the 193 games that Ronnie (sorry, old habits die hard) played for the Pacers, but Boyle nearly broke his back (yes, literally) on one random night in Detroit when Ronnie went from lying in front of Boyle on the scorer's table to running through the "voice" to start a little fracas.

So MWP checked in with Boyle while the Pacers were in L.A. to play his Lakers, jumping on the radio broadcast a couple of times without notice, including during a post-game interview with George Hill to declare, "the Pacers cheated."

Earlier Ronnie also raised an interesting question about one of his boys from New York, Lance Stephenson. MWP was interested in how Stephenson was doing, if he was going to make it in the NBA and then delivered a question for the masses.

MWP asked, "Is he crazier than me?"

Boyle answered, "No."

MWP took the answer in stride and moved on as if he knew the response before posing the question. And some people still wonder why I love the NBA.

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