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IC Cold Links: Are Pacers Ready To Embrace The Suck?

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It is officially time for the Indiana Pacers to embrace the suck.

In military lingo, "embrace the suck" implores our nation's finest to deal with any situation and get the job done regardless of how gnarly the circumstances. For the Pacers, it simply means enjoying the opportunity to attack the upcoming portion of the schedule that will test their standing in the Eastern Conference.

After starting 11-4 and currently sitting in second place in the East, the weak schedule strength to this point leaves the Pacers with plenty to prove. That changes starting tonight. The Pacers should be excited for the games this week that begin tonight at Bankers Life Fieldhouse against the Orlando Magic.

Last night two of the Pacers next three opponents (actually, three of next four since they play Orlando twice this week) squared off with the Boston Celtics embarrassing the Magic 87-56. The Magic should be plenty salty when they take the court tonight after scoring just 20 second half points and making only 16 field goals for the whole game.

Of course, when the Pacers run past the Celtics they're old and not an impressive win, just like the thumping of Atlanta is disregarded because Al Horford left the game early. Nevermind that the Hawks have won six of seven without Horford since losing to the Pacers.

No biggie, the Pacers just need to keep finding ways to win and with games against Orlando (twice), Chicago and Boston this week, a strong showing will show the Pacers belong among the top few teams in the East. It won't be easy but then again, it wouldn't be as fun if it was.

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