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IC Cold Links: Pacers Toughen Up To Beat Lakers

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Roy Hibbert led the charge in the Indiana Pacers' win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night, but the team as a whole showed their toughness and resolve throughout the game. First they battled their way back into the game after a horrible start and then kept pressuring the Lakers until they finally blinked in the last two minutes and couldn't score to close out the win.

The Pacers have a nice little reputation building and a game like this adds to the annoying feeling opponents will get when they see the Pacers up next on their schedule. But again, Hibbert personified toughness and it was duly noted. Check out what Chris Sheridan has to say about Roy's effort on Sunday.

Definition of a winner: A guy who gets his nose broken (as he is called for a foul), retreats to the locker room, has the trainer stuff cotton up his nostrils, breathes through his mouth the rest of the evening and then makes the big plays down the stretch.

For all the breathtaking moments we've already seen at the Staples Center through the first 4 weeks of the NBA season, what Roy Hibbert did Sunday night for the Indiana Pacers ranks right up there, quality wise, with any of Blake Griffin's dunks, Chris Paul's passes or Kobe Bryant's scoring outbursts.

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