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IC Cold Links: Hill's Skate Save A Beauty, Sends Pacers To L.A. With Win

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The Indiana Pacers couldn't close out Golden State at the offensive end, failing on two attempts to extend the lead in the final minute, so once again the defense came to the rescue.

George Hill struggled all night to slow down the Golden State's comparably-sized super scorer, Monta Ellis, but with the game and ball in Ellis' hands, Hill picked him clean and then kept control of the ball with some stealth foot action (at least that's how the refs saw it) which led to the game-winning and one.

While it looked like the perfect hockey skate save, Hill may have been tapping into his soccer experience instead, as Mike Wells reports.

"I wasn't intentionally trying to kick anything," said Hill. "I was trying to go for a steal cause we had (a foul) to give. I didn't hear a whistle and coach always say play until you hear the whistle."

Nice win to take down the coast for Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Check out the links after the jump.