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IC Cold Links: Considering Hibbert, Hill Extensions; Granger Not Among Team USA Options

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As the Indiana Pacers head to Sacramento today to begin a three-game road trip against the Kings on Wednesday, the links today contain a few items worth pondering.

For starters, a discussion of contract extensions for the 2008 draft class which includes Roy Hibbert and George Hill. There is no simple "yes" or "no" answer to determining whether to extend either player. The cost of the extension adds nuance to the answer along with tricky proposition of projecting future growth of the players.

Is Roy Hibbert a max player? No he's not a max player. He's a solid and legit center which is rare in the league and currently offering reliable production, but he's not Dwight Howard. Will he command closer to a max salary than he probably should? I would expect so, but how the new CBA impacts this class of extensions should be pretty interesting.

Also, the Pacers were able to hold a real, live NBA practice yesterday in the middle of three days off before playing in Sacramento. Plus, USA Basketball announced their initial 2012 Olympic team finalists which includes Eric Gordon, but no Danny Granger. This is good news, considering Granger wouldn't make the final team anyway and will be able to enjoy a normal offseason.

Check out the links after the jump.