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IC Cold Links: Granger, Pacers Come Up Winners On Off Day

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Danny Granger and the Indiana Pacers organization came through with a special event at the Fieldhouse on their off day, essentially putting the NBA lockout to rest for good with a dinner and games for workers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse who missed out on paychecks due to missed games in November and December.

The Pacers didn't just serve dinner and let the families go on their merry way. Instead they took over the Fieldhouse, with other players showing up and getting involved in different games, genuinely interacting with everyone and appearing to have a great time in the process.

Take away the impact on the people for a minute, though, which I realize is what this event was really about. This type of thing also helps bolster the culture in the locker room among the 13 players on the roster. On a rare day off, Granger's teammates could've said, "We're proud of you Danny. Have fun at your dinner." Instead they showed up and made the event special.

Sure the organization may have given them a nudge, but you get the point, this also turns into a solid team bonding opportunity as they prepare for more of the same on the upcoming West Coast trip..

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