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IC Cold Links: Pacers Ready For Next Challenge After Putting Away Celtics

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The Indiana Pacers moved to 9-3 on Saturday night after methodically wearing down the Boston Celtics and rolling to a 97-83 win.

After the game Frank Vogel spoke of continuing to challenge his team and for the most part, they've been able to answer the challenge. The back-to-back wins heading into a few days off before the West Coast roadie required survival instincts in Toronto and focus on the task at hand against Boston.

The C's simply didn't have the depth of legs to keep up with the Pacers last night and to Vogel's credit his team did as instructed and kept the pressure on. George Hill made Ray Allen work for his touches and then when PG was tired he tagged out for George Hill who did the same. There was no relief for Allen off the bench.

My favorite play of the game came in the second half when an outlet to George Hill started a fast break opportunity, key word -- fast. Hill sped the ball up the middle of the floor while the equally speedy Darren Collison filled the right lane. The pair literally ended up running past four Celtics on the play as Collison finished with a layup.

Now the Paces have to rise to their next challenge of coming together on the left coast and winning more than they lose.

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