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IC Cold Links: Pacers Make Winning Plays Late In Game To Beat Raptors

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Over the past few years, we've seen a lot of games like the one last night in which the Indiana Pacers shook off a poor start and double-digit deficit to close the game strong by making plays while the Toronto Raptors did just the opposite.

Most of the time, though the Pacers were in the role of the Raptors. Good to great teams often broke the hearts of the Pacers with late game rallies as everything seemed to go wrong and what appeared a sure W turned into a head-shaking loss.

After working to put themselves in position to swipe last night's game, the Pacers went in for the kill late in the fourth quarter. While the Raps missed key free throws, the Pacers made five of six freebies down the a five-point win.

Tyler Hansbrough and Paul George also outworked their counterparts for two key rebounds that were equally critical in securing the win. Those are winning plays the Pacers now expect themselves to make which is a fabulous change from crumbling down the stretch as the other team applies that winning pressure.

On to the next one tonight against the Boston Celtics. Check out the links after the jump.