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IC Cold Links: Danny Granger To Make Good On Lockout Pledge To Fieldhouse Workers

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Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger made an off the cuff pledge during the NBA lockout that he wanted to treat workers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse to a meal since they were missing paychecks due to cancelled home games.

The logistics required to pull off such an even aren't as easy as cutting a check and the need to make such a big dinner happen with the lockout over seemed to quietly pass. But as Mike Wells reports, now that everyone is one big happy family again, Granger is teaming up with the Pacers to make the dinner happen on Sunday at the Fieldhouse.

"I wanted to do something for these unsung workers and for the sacrifices they were making with lost income. Now, it's the best of everything, the team stepped in to help, we're playing, they are back making this the best place to come to in the NBA, and we can get together for some food and fun."

This could really be a nice celebration if the Pacers serve up this meal with a 9-3 record. First they have some work to do by winning back-to-back games beginning tonight at the Toronto Raptors and then at the Fieldhouse on Saturday against the Boston Celtics.

Both the Raptors and Celtics are desperate for wins and will be a strong test for the Pacers before they have a rare three days off in this lockout-shortened season to make their way out west to resume a harsh January schedule.

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