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Slick Leonard Analyzes Pacers' Season So Far

Indiana Pacers' legend and radio analyst Slick Leonard had a frank and informative chat with Dan Dakich on Thursday as they discussed the Pacers season so far and the play of several individual players.

Slick shared his thoughts on Lance Stephenson, Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and Paul George along with how improved the overall club is compared to last year. He also had high praise for the coaching staff and their ability to develop the young players.

Thought it was interesting how Slick measured his praise of Paul George, knowing he has plenty of development left to go. He compared George to a young Danny Granger and then mentioned the positives in PG's game and where he needs to put in work. When he finished, the two had this humorous exchange.

Dakich: Is that a complement, what you just said, other than the last part?

Slick: Well, I don't think so. I don't think so.

Slick isn't giving up on any of the young guys by any means and just wants to see them develop and figure out the NBA game. He mentioned that in the past he saw players like Michael Jordan and Jerry West go through a learning phase early in their career before figuring things out and becoming all-time greats.

Always a pleasure to hear Slick call it like he sees it while passing on what he knows from talking about things with "Larry Joe" as he put it. Amazingly this is Slick's first basketball season in the past 60 years that he is not travelling since he's only calling home games with Mark Boyle this year.

Check out the podcast and enjoy.