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IC Cold Links: Pacers Past And Present Prominent On Impact Players List

The Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas released the names of over 60 NBA players expected to compete in a series of games over the next two weeks, assuming the NBA lockout doesn't suddenly end.

Among the names on the list are current Indiana Pacers, Paul George, Brandon Rush and Dahntay Jones. But the list also includes the names of some intriguing former Pacers, most notably Jamaal Tinsley. Seriously, I'm assuming this is flesh and blood Jamaal Tinsley and not just "Jamaal Tinsley's cap space" trying to make a comeback. Spectacular.

Other former Pacers include: T.J. Ford, Al Harrington, Jermaine O'Neal, Stephen Jackson and Shawne Williams. If the organizers at Impact have any sense of humor at all, they will team the Tin Man, Baby Al, J.O., Jack and Shawne together. Call it a dysfunctional Pacers reunion run for a group of guys who played well together when they could actually make it onto the court.

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