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Kevin Durant, Goodman League Stars To Challenge Indy Pro Am At Hinkle Fieldhouse

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The NBA lockout has spawned a series of entertaining pro-am games around the country loaded with NBA star power and it appears Indianapolis is ready to get in on the action.

According to tweets from Mike Wells, the D.C.-based Goodman League will take on a group of players from Carlos Knox's Indy Pro Am league on Saturday, September 24th at Hinkle Fieldhouse. John Wall and Kevin Durant are expected to headline the Goodman League team, while Eric Gordon, George Hill, Gordon Hayward, Lance Stephenson and Mario Chalmers are among the hopefuls for the Indy Pro Am team.

I've seen a lot of fun and entertaining hoops at Hinkle, from some big Bulter games to huge high school sectional and regional game to some intense third grade scrimmaging at Butler hoop camp, but this would certainly classify as a unique hoops experience at Hinkle.

Of course all of this is tentative by nature since paying these guys millions in guaranteed contracts doesn't always guarantee they'll show up for an NBA game let alone an exhibition game they aren't getting paid millions to play. I also heard last night that the Impact Basketball league that starts next week in Vegas is tentatively scheduling their championship game for Friday, September 23rd. John Wall is among the names mentioned to be playing in Vegas, so I doubt he'd be in Indy if his Vegas team ends up playing on the 23rd.

Regardless of which players show up, it will be a great show, although I hope it doesn't happen and instead we're celebrating the end of the lockout.