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IC Cold Links: A Positive Look At NBA Labor Negotiations

After a long Labor Day weekend relaxing with the family and seeing summer fade away literally over night (brrr), it was nice to wake up this morning to some positive news. The NBA owners and players are planning to resume talks this week and finally we have a positive take on the negoatiations to grab onto, and believe me, I'll hang on for dear life at this point.

Veteran NBA scribe, Chris Sheridan recently left ESPN and makes a splash today with his debut column at his new website. Sheridan cuts through the rhetoric on how far apart both sides claim to be and finds the difference between proposals from a money perspective isn't nearly as gloomy as stated and certainly more manageable through earnest negotiations.

I also like the part about a settlement setting of an NFL-like free agent frenzy to fill rosters up according to the new CBA rules. Obviously, your Indiana Pacers will be among the "frenziest" teams in the fray of that frenzy which will be a blast track. Here's hoping Sheridan's take actualy takes root and the NBA will be back in business without missing much of the season.

After the jump a few more links with news on players continuing to play along with an interesting look at going big to win in the NBA.

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