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IC Cold Links: Hibbert Kills On 'Parks and Recreation'; Owners, Players Try To Avoid Killing Season

Roy Hibbert came up big last night on Parks and Recreation, doing all of the little things needed to get some laughs while playing the role of himself adding to the Entertainment 720 Experience. If you missed the show or just want to catch Roy's scenes, check out the full episode here.

Hibbert is definitely a step closer to winning an Emmy before winning championship, but as blogging bud, Jared Wade pointed out, he'll have plenty of time to complete that task. Suffice it to say, "Sup, Jello Shot?" is officially an acceptable greeting amongst Pacers fans going forward.

Another day, another crucial time for NBA labor negotiations with heavyweights from the players' side gathering in New York in a show of support as David Stern strengthens his hand in the process. Check out the links after the jump for more details and speculation on what to expect from the meetings this weekend which are reported to resume this afternoon.