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Goodman League vs. Indy Pro Am Loses Kevin Durant, Maybe John Wall

According to Michael Lee, the Ball For It All Classic will be short some star power on Saturday night when the D.C-based Goodman League challenges the Indy Pro Am ballers at UIndy.

Kevin Durant has been at the top of the bill to promote the event but now is not expected to play. John Wall remains in the mix although according to Lee's report, he doesn't sound too excited.

Rawls (Goodman League commissioner) spent a good amount of time promoting his upcoming games during the "Clash of the Superstars" last Saturday at Coolidge High. Rawls rattled off the participants for the Indy Pro-Am game, but when he mentioned John Wall, Wall grabbed his leg as if he were injured and shouted, "I'm not going to be there."

Rawls shouted back, "Get some duct tape."

Rawls still expects to have Wall, but he has already ruled out Kevin Durant, who had a prior commitment, and Greg Monroe, who hurt his hip during the game at Coolidge. And, he has been able to round up a decent roster that includes former Wizard Caron Butler, of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, and Andray Blatche.

That's exactly why I was surprised by the initial $42 ticket cost which has now dropped to $25. As Pacer fans know too well, it is hard enough to get these guys to show up for a NBA game while under lucrative contracts, so expectations for a summer league-type exhibition are a crap shoot at best.

Regardless, the talent lineup for the Indy crew and remaining Goodman players should provide plenty of entertainment along with a great night of hoops.