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Indiana Pacers Gather For Player-Run Workout

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George Hill has worked out with a few of his Indiana Pacers teammates this summer, but yesterday he had a chance to put in work with the full core group the Pacers are relying on to build for the future and the newest Pacer came away impressed. Shortly after the team's workout at Hinkle FIeldhouse, G3 tweeted his assessment.

Just got done working out with the #PacerNation had a great workout!!!! We got alot of TALENT!! #PacerNationStandUp

Mike Wells reports that ten players showed up for the workouts which is a nice showing considering players had to arrive from both coasts.

Veterans Jeff Foster and Danny Granger put together the workout that included George, Darren Collison, Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson, George Hill, Tyler Hansbrough, A.J. Price and Josh McRoberts. More players are expected to work out today.

Foster and McRoberts are not under contract with the Pacers but considering they reside locally, their participation is no surprise. Foster seems destined to re-sign with the Pacers once the lockout ends barring an offer he can't refuse from a title contender.

More importantly, the young core of Granger, George, Collison, Hibbert, Hill and Hansbrough -- the six players considered to part of the team's future -- were all there to put in work and build chemistry. This is the first mention of Hansbrough all offseason and it sounds like he was in good shape despite working through an ankle sprain sustained earlier in the summer.

Also found it interesting that Dahntay Jones and Brandon Rush remained in Vegas playing at Impact Basketball. Both players are under contract but wouldn't be surprised if they were moved before or during the season once the lockout ends. Of course, they may have wanted to complete their commitment to playing in Vegas and will be in town the rest of the week. We shall see.

Whoa, a story about some actual Pacers-related basketball. That was fun.

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