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IC Cold Links: Goodman League vs. Indy Pro Am Details Appear Set, For Real

The Knox Indy Pro Am appear to have the details set for the Indy Pro Am vs. Goodman League game this Saturday at 7:30PM. The venue now is slated for Nicoson Hall at the University of Indianapolis, which holds around 3,500 with additional standing room.

Paul George is in town for the player-run workouts this week and has tweeted that he expects to play Saturday along with the others mentioned in previous posts. There's some serious talent slated to show up for Nicoson Hall and the ticket prices reflect it. General admission tix can be bought through the Knox Indy Pro Am website for $42 with courtside seats going for $102.

Yowza! That alters any plans I had of taking a group of kids, but with seats in short supply I guess they can demand those prices. One thing is for sure, those big names better show up to put on a good show.

Just a few links today: