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IC Cold Links: Pacers Prepare For the Best, Expect The Worst

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Mike Wells reports today that a group of Indiana Pacers plan to gather in Indy next week for a four-day mini-camp in order to stay connected and be ready just in case the NBA lockout ends earlier than expected. It certainly doesn't hurt to prepare for the best-case scenario even if the disappointing breakdown in talks keeps the season's start in jeopardy.

"I'm 90 percent sure the season won't start on time," forward Danny Granger said. "I didn't think it would when the lockout started because the demands the owners are asking are beyond normal common sense."

Other links today include stories on the Indiana Fever preparing to tip off their playoff run tonight against the New York Liberty. Plus, an story on Jamaal Tinsley in shape and working for another shot at an NBA job while playing in the Vegas Lockout League. Of course, Tinsley's definition of "game shape" can vary greatly from the norm, but no doubt he still has that low dribble working to handle the rock in traffic.

Also, an interesting look at how the "Lockout League" has attracted great players and play in Vegas, but not much fan interest.