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Goodman League vs. Indy Pro Am Now Set For Indiana Convention Center

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Last week we heard about the Goodman League vs. Indy Pro Am game to be played at Hinkle Fieldhouse on September 24th. While it sounded great, I wasn't too excited, hoping an end to the NBA lockout would scrap the exhibition game.

But now with the CBA negotiations in flux, Indy Pro Am reports the game is a go, although instead of playing at Hinkle Fieldhouse, they will get the run in at the Indiana Convention Center. Obviously, the pros couldn't agree to the house rules at Hinkle requiring at least three passes before putting up a shot and demanding a dedicated effort on the defensive end.

Among the players expected to play are Kevin Durant, John Wall, Gordon Hayward, Eric Gordon, George Hill, Lance Stephenson, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley and Michael Beasley. Should be a great show for the basketball starved, starting at 7:30PM on September 24th.