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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Simon Among Owners Ready To Make A Deal

Plenty of NBA attention will focus on Las Vegas this week with the Impact Basketball Series set to tip off and the NBPA meeting with a large group of players for a briefing on labor negotiation. Those negotiations are expected to resume this week and I tend to agree with Ira Winderman's lede that things will begin to move quickly to a resolution or then bog down for the long haul.

At least it appears all parties are in the mood to strike a deal. I found Henry Abbott's reporting on each owner's bargaining position as either a hawk or dove to be interesting. Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon is considered a dove.

DOVE:The Pacers have coped with poor results on the court and on the business side. However, they appear to be turning the corner, have reasonable contracts and are becoming bullish on the future. Simon is said not to want a long lockout, and would go for a reasonable new CBA, so long as it comes with good revenue sharing.

On revenue sharing:The Pacers are incredibly enthusiastic about aggressive revenue sharing, of which they expect to be major recipients. 

I was a little surprised by this since the Pacers drastically need a change to the current system. Whatever combination of revenue sharing and salary cap hardening or other mechanism, the Pacers are among a group of small market teams that needs to whittle levelling the margin of error playing field for all teams. But the importance of playing this season for the Pacers is the key to putting Simon in the dove camp.

As for the games in Vegas, Brandon Rush, Paul George and Dahntay Jones are among the players as the Impact group hopes to ramp up the intensity at both ends of the floor which has been missing in other pro-am games played this summer.

After the jump a few more links, including Gordon Hayward making his decision.