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IC Cold Links: NBA Owners, Players Agree Not To Disagree In Public; Lance Stephenson Lights Up Pro Am Game

Lot of action behind closed doors as we wrapped up August 2011.

The NBA owners and players engaged in contentious negotiations realized that anyone who cares understands their differing stances and whining about each other while trying to buoy said stance is not good form. Let's just hope they keep talking behind those closed doors.

Mike Wells tweets that Lance Stephenson took over a private pro am game among a group of players which included plenty of pros. But like the CBA meetings, the game wasn't open to the public.

One thing in the links that was very public was Reggie Miller cheering on the Milwaukee Brewers and his neighbor Ryan Braun's failed attempt at an inside the park HR. Braun stumbled and fell after rounding third base, making for a very exciting out. Now we know everyone from that Malibu neighborhood is only good for three.

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