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IC Cold Links: Owners Refute Deadline; LeBron James, Kevin Durant Light Up Goodman vs. Melo Game

The theme of the day is video.

For one, the links include a video clip of actual basketball as the Goodman vs. Melo hoops game last night in Baltimore provided plenty of highlight moments with Kevin Durant's Goodman squad going against a Melo team stacked with LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony.

Durant and LeBron showed up big as did Eric Bledsoe and Josh Selby at times. Of course, while the summer league-typ ball is fun to watch it will never be a good substitute for NBA games since these games are played at a level somewhere between And1 streetball and an NBA all-star game. Still, I'd love to see the Indy Pro Am group put together a team to take on some of these teams from other cities.

Sticking with the video theme, Conrad Brunner has a nice look at Vance Caitlin and Hansen Wong who serve as video coordinators for the Indiana Pacers which is a role that has become a breeding ground for NBA coaches and top scouting personnel.

Oh, and the NBA CBA talks resume today with the league refuting the reported September 15th deadline for missing preseason games. Makes since considering any deadlines are false up until the actual date of events passing. Whenever a deal is struck they will find a way to squeeze in as many games as possible.

Check out the highlight video and links after the jump.

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